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About us

A few words

We are a full-service marketing agency based in Delhi & Mumbai

A well planned strategy is essential to a successful campaign. The VARTC team develops and implements the best strategies and plans for your company while keeping in mind that the end result and the ultimate objective.

Our social design & digital planning teams are composed of young talented and highly skilled individuals who are bursting with original ideas that can advance your brand and company.Every single time our web design team makes sure your users have the finest experience possible and our service staff makes sure all of your needs are met. Our media and business team also makes sure that the final strategy maximises your ROI and generates revenue.

Personalized services, with cost-effective marketing solutions.

We always try to build your brand and improve your revenue with whatever plan we adopt. Our approach is both creative and technical, with data playing an important and vital role. While ensuring that creativity doesn’t take a backseat, our primary purpose is to fully assist you in realising your digital goals. We genuinely enjoy a challenge, and while we do allow our imaginations to go wild, we also make sure that the strategy we propose to you is practical, feasible, and reasonable.

Along with this, we work to give your audience an unrivalled, immersive experience that they won’t soon forget. We are certain that our team will give you a strategy that will hit your target square, whether you are a startup or a multi-national corporation.

Our Team

Avinash Jha

Marketing consultant

Shubhanshi Rathore

Business Analyst

Dileep Sen CEO of Vartc
Dileep Sen

Sales Manager

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